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You need to create a mobile version of your website that will capture your audience’s attention but also deliver the same incredible value on a smaller screen size. We’re the experts who know what it takes to do just that. So we stuffed our knowledge into a free cookbook for you.


Mobile Website Tips & Knowledge

Here’s your first glimpse into the cookbook. Packed with information about the three fundamental ingredients that comprise a truly mobile optimized website and easy tips you can start on right now – let’s start your journey now!

Can You Skip on Optimizing Your Web Content For Mobile Users?

You can. It just means your target audience will be heading to your competitors who are mobile-optimized. Here are just a few stats on why we recommend optimizing your website for phone users immediately:


Google will rank all websites based on the mobile version by September 2020


50% of all websites are viewed on mobile devices


52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones (2018)

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